Happy Birthday, M!

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Birthdays are a big deal at Casa Angelicious. We usually have several celebrations:

  1. Bdays seem to almost always fall on a weekday. A school day, to boot. So birthday day is celebrated.
  2. So is “King for a Day” (the first Saturday after the birthday, where the Bday Boy gets to choose all meals, movies, activities, etc.).
  3. Then comes the birthday party, a month or so later.
  4. Let’s not forget the Grandparents’ Visit, where bday boy is taken out for dinner.
  5. Sometimes we celebrate their bday at church with Refreshment Time. And cake. Lots o’ cake.

Our favorite bday celebration is The Breakfast. A ginormous pancake, topped with a smiley face of whipped cream, blueberries, etc.

Boys, being boys, like to celebrate by munching on the squishy parts first.

Happy 9th Birthday, M Calvin!

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