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Day three of getting back into a regular running schedule with Megs, and I am sore-sore-sore. She is also sore-sore-sore. Our usual walk a bit/run a lot/chat the whole time turned in walk/moan/chat/run briefly/moan/walk/chat. Plus my foot (from the injury LAST YEAR) was screaming with pain.

So we parted – she for a mammogram appointment and I for a weights workout. I was feeling really bad for her, having to get the girls squished while I was just gonna push some iron around. Now, I think I got the rougher end of the deal.

I decided to forgo my usual weights routine (a modification of the Body-for-Life superset pyramid) and try out Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones. A 50-minute routine of pure weights. Oh, and with a side of torture.

I’ve done Jillian’s “30 Day Shred” before, but abandoned it out of boredom. I like my cardio fast and my weights slow – that’s just what works for my body. Running or stationary bike (sometimes both) 4-5 days a week and weights 3 days a week is what does it for me. Amazon’s mostly five-star reviews of Trouble Spots said it was different from the Shred: slower, weights only without the jumping around cardio part. “It’ll kick your butt!” they said. Did I listen? Oh noooo. Not me. Not hardheaded, seriously sore me.

I popped it in, ready to do some hardcore weights that would make me sore but not tire me out. HAH! Got a full course of both. Serves me right.

Cutting and pasting the workout from an excellent review by K. Harrell on Amazon:

I used ten pound weights – too heavy for some of these exercises; five pounders are on my shopping list.

Warmup: Basic marching in place, jumping rope (no rope needed), arm circles, skaters (simulate speed skating) and jumping jacks. Then you repeat the entire sequence for a complete five minutes.
I skipped this part, fresh from our brisk walk & not needing a warmup.

Circuit #1- Shoulder & Legs
– Squat with Shoulder Press OUCH
– Backwards Lunge with Side Shoulder Raise (repeat on other leg) I only did this one once; my foot injury means lunges are iffy. I can do one round with making it cry.
– Chair Squat with Front Shoulder Raise This is where I needed 5-8 lb weights
– Front Shoulder PressOuts

Circuit #2- Chest & Abs
– Chest Press with a Crunch Loved this one! Could’ve used a 15 lb weight here
– Chest Fly with Double Leg Raise Another one that needed smaller weights – but I pushed through.
– Bicycle Crunches I love Jillian’s take on bicycle crunches: “You need to go slow & controlled here. Too many people at the gym are just flailing around with their bicycle crunches.”
– Squirms (lying down with knees bent. lift head and shoulder blades off ground and alternate bending to the side and tapping your heels).
– PushUp

Circuit #3- Biceps & Butt *Note:I notoriously stink at bicep curls. As in, I can’t really go past 15 lbs.
– Deadlift with Hammer Curl I’m gonna go on record as saying I heart deadlifts. They really work and don’t murder your knees.
– Static Squat with Concentration Curl This was harder than I thought it would be!
– Front Lunge with Wide Grip Curl (repeat on other leg) Another one I had to modify b/c of foot injury + lunge issue
– Side Lunge with Biceps Curl easy yet insanely difficult

Circuit #4- Thighs & Triceps
– Chair Pose with Triceps Kickback
– Sumo Squat with Overhead Triceps Press this was awesome
– Surrender (step back and down to kneeling position then stand up again) Skipped this one completely due to the lunge factor, but can’t wait to try it. Basically, you step back, kneel forward on one knee, then two, and come back up. Oh, and your arms are straight in the air holding weights the entire time. It’s called Surrender for a reason.
– Forward Lunge with Triceps Pushback (repeat on other leg) Able to modify this one; just kept my back foot angled to the side & flat instead of the traditional lunge position.

Circuit #5- Core this was brutal. Brutal, I tell you.
– Double Crunches not too bad
– Twisting Plank slightly complicated to figure out but, like dance steps, once you figure out how to do it, it’s a snap.
– Plank with ToeTaps (repeat with other leg) the first time, I alternated toe taps. Ooops. The second time, I did it with right leg first, left leg second. OUCH.
– Windshield Wipers (lying down lift both legs and move from side-to-side) evil. brutal. cruel.

Circuit #6- Upper Body & Core
– Plank with Back Rows couldn’t do these – weights were too heavy. I just stood and did bent-over rows.
– Superman love Supermans. They are awesome
– Scissor Kicks
– Pelvic Thrusts (repeat on other leg) I really liked these. The advanced modification of having one leg in the air instead of crossed over onto your knee was what did it for me.

Circuit #7- Lower Body & Core
– Side Plank
– Side Lying Leg Raise
– Inner Thigh Raise
– Donkey Kicks reminds me of my TaeBo days
– Fire Hydrant with Kick another TaeBo reminder

The cool-down consists of basic stretches with some pep talk from Jillian. What I love about her is her honesty – the two gals behind her were in full splits and Jillian freely admitted she could only get her legs splayed so far. Checked my mat and it was as far as mine were spread – YAY! I’m not alone in being inflexible! She looks back at the gorgeous African-American athlete (in a full split) to her left, flips her hand and says, “Like that. I want to be like that – new goal for me!” When they do the reach forward stretch (still in splits, put your hands as far in front of you as you can), both girls were completely lying down, noses touching the floor. Jillian and I were reaching about, oh, 10 inches forward. I was whining, she was not.

Highly recommended!

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