Phoning it in

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Day three of getting back into a regular running schedule with Megs, and I am sore-sore-sore. She is also sore-sore-sore. Our usual walk a bit/run a lot/chat the whole time turned in walk/moan/chat/run briefly/moan/walk/chat. Plus my foot (from the injury LAST YEAR) was screaming with pain.

So we parted – she for a mammogram appointment and I for a weights workout. I was feeling really bad for her, having to get the girls squished while I was just gonna push some iron around. Now, I think I got the rougher end of the deal.

I decided to forgo my usual weights routine (a modification of the Body-for-Life superset pyramid) and try out Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones. A 50-minute routine of pure weights. Oh, and with a side of torture.

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