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My honey likes lists (“If you don’t write it down, I won’t remember!”), so I was pleased to find this adorable and free printable Honey Dew list from To Be Charmed. Elizabeth, a graphic designer & mom of two, has a bunch of other cute printables there, too!

I printed three sheets (3 Honey Dew weeks to a sheet), so I have a total of nine lists all stapled together – this should last ’til the end of summer. I haven’t given them to Mr Lici yet, as I got a few phone calls & reminders that involve his truly.  Here’s a (badly scanned) sample of my HoneyDew:

Check it out at http://www.to-be-charmed.com/freegoodies/HoneyDo_3up.pdf and be sure to visit Elizabeth’s To Be Charmed site!

(Are you amused that I put “kiss your bday wife” for next Friday? Guys always forget bdays. :)

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